How to throw an amazing housewarming party

The best way to introduce your new address to friends and family, while getting to know your brand new neighbours (and hopefully future friends), is by throwing a memorable housewarming party. Be it a relaxed brunch, a funky cocktail or elaborate dinner party, there’s nothing like a well-planned housewarming to make great memories! Here are a few tips that will help you plan a housewarming party like a pro:



The first thing you need to get a fix on is the date and kind of housewarming you want to throw. If you’ve just moved in, give yourself some time to settle in, anything from 3 to 6 weeks depending on how fast you unpack! As for the kind of party, invitations for an elaborate do like a sit-down lunch or dinner requires you to invite people at least 2 weeks in advance. For a more relaxed event like a cocktail party, one-week notice is sufficient for guests. Posted invites are almost obsolete, using social media or e-mail is fine! If you have decided on a theme for your party (90s Bollywood, Great Gatsby) then make sure your invites are in-theme and your guests know what to wear AND where and when to come!



Insist on people RSVP’ing, that way you’ll get a number of how many you have to entertain. Enquire about food preferences (vegetarian or non-vegetarian) and food allergies and special dietary needs (especially for the elderly and children). Make sure you have a menu that caters to everyone on your guest-list. About alcohol, take a head count and keep enough in reserve. If your budget allows, go in for outside catering. That makes it less stressful for you! Do consider splurging on a good bottle of champagne to toast your new home!



It’s a housewarming party so every part of your house is on display. You will have to take your guests on tour, so make sure that every corner is looking its best. Personalize your home with photographs, painting and curios with anecdotes and history attached! Place fresh flowers, aromatic candles and great music to set the mood. Don’t forget to equip your bathroom well because it’s going to be used a lot. Stock-up on toilet paper, towels, hand soap and air-freshener. Keep plenty of waste-bins about the house to make it easy for guests to dispose off things.



You’ve got the place, the people, the food and the right mood. Now it’s time that you enjoy the party too! It seems obvious, but hosting can get very stressful. Recruit friends and family to take turns helping out and have assigned baby sitters for young children. Leave your pets in a crèche; even friendly animals may not be able to deal with a large party of unfamiliar people. And you may have guests who are afraid of or allergic to pets.
It’s not that hard to be crowned a great host at your housewarming party, all you need is some smart pre-planning. And don’t forget to throw in some quirk factors like a photo booth or even party games. Remember, your home is the star of this party!

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