Four Ways to Enjoy Your Weekends at Urbana

WITH the temperature dropping by the day, going to office is indeed painful. If you think about it, after Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar screams, “W T F”!! But weekends are the time when you can afford to lapse into a predictable routine, especially if you’re on a strict schedule otherwise. Yes, you are free to tuck in comfortably and go on a hibernation mode for hours at a stretch. Figuring out something fun and interesting can feel like its own pressure. It can seem easier just to forgo it. Mingling with family, friends and neighbors will help enrich your life and help you with unique experiences. This will also provide you with new and exciting photos to post on social networking sites. And Urbana will leave you spoilt for choices to make your weekends exciting. Here are five ways to go about it:

1. An….d Splash


With two swimming pools – infinity-edged and a mufti-purpose one in the complex, children can never have better way to bask in the sun and play in the water. Arrange a pool party and water games to make your kids smile. You too can plunge in and complete your workout sessions.

2. Call of the wild & adventurous

With acres of luxurious greens around, you have all the time in the world to do some of the most exciting stuff. Things which you couldn’t have done in any other property. How about kite flying and gazing up to see who’s still good with his/her skills. Or with technology becoming “glocal” (globally local), there could be many of you who would like to grab attention by flying drones. If nature mesmerises you, bird watching might be an option. If you’re lucky, you might just able to capture your favorite moment in your camera’s memory.

3. The Ha-Ha session

Of course, adda is simply an inseparable element among Indians and if it’s Kolkata, the sky is the limit. No no, you don’t need to do it out in the sun all day. We understand how important it is for you to maintain wrinkle-free and tan-free skin so the community hall is where you can head to. Kids can gang up to make the most of their time by playing with toys or honing their creativity with drawing, painting, dancing on their favorite Bollywood steps. Grown-ups can involve in group activities such as Antakshari, Dumsheraj or may be showcase their aesthetic side and do some recitation too. Or even better, go for a hearty adda.

4. Home is where the hang out is

When you live in a Kolkata landmark, friends and relatives will clamour to visit. Why not invite them over a weekend and cook a scrumptious meal or organise a small get together with drinks and snacks, and perhaps some board games.

Pep up your weekend life like never before at Urbana. A new adventure or a fun activity awaits you with state-of-the-art amenities just a tinkle/sms away. Ring +919836760508 or visit dig out more information.

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