7 ways to be a good neighbour

IMAGINE you have moved into a new neighbourhood, perhaps in a new city, and you step in with prejudices about your neighbours. Will it help you?
The answer is no. But on the contrary, if you care to step out of your inhibitions and establish good terms with your neighbours, it has numerous benefits. The community will be friendlier, the neighbourhood safer, and the area a nicer and more comfortable place to live. Show your acquaintances you are a good neighbour. Here’s how

1) Reach out

Breaking open a bottle of wine on a Friday evening after work is a nice way to keep relations friendly between neighbours. To keep the idea convenient, make it clear in your invitation that you’re inviting him/her over for just a drink and appetizers. That way, you don’t feel obligated to turn it into a full-fledged dinner party.

2)  Please cooperate

Don’t treat the housing complex as your personal racetrack. Always be mindful that there are kids, pets, walkers and even other drivers moving in or out of the property. Also, while driving within the premises, it won’t cost you much if you turn down the volume on your car’s stereo.

3)  Discuss problems in person

If a problem arises, talk to your neighbour in person first. Approach the situation in a pleasant way, “You may not have realised this, but …” Start here rather than resorting to a nasty note or a call to the building’s security or the management that will be sure to permanently strain your relationship.

4. Put rubbish/garbage out on the right day and way

Only put your rubbish/garbage out on the day or at the time it’s due for collection. If you accidentally miss it, bring it back onto your property immediately and try to contain it well. Garbage can attract vermin, insects, and other pests, and is also unsightly. Participate or encourage your community to recycle garbage, it will be your contribution towards saving the planet!


5. Coordinate a running/cycling/exercise group

Exercise doesn’t need to be a chore, and it doesn’t need to be a solitary pursuit. You can use exercising as an opportunity to meet new people. If you organise a group of friends or neighbours to go on regular runs, bike rides, or engage in some other form of exercise, you’ll make friends in your area and your friends will help to keep you accountable for your health goals.

6. Organise a play date

If you have children, a great way of getting to know your neighbours is by organizing a play date with kids in your neighbourhood. You can either invite other families over to your home, or simply make a date to meet at the park.

7. Celebrate together

Nothing brings people together like festivals. Most Indian festivals are designed to not just bring families together, but to foster good relations within the entire community. Take part in organising community celebrations or invite neighbours over for your own celebration.

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