How to Make Working Out Fun

Life is full of solo activities; thanks to cut throat competition but exercise isn’t always one of them. Working out with a partner or in a group isn’t just fun, it provides extra responsibility along with an added push to go that extra mile. Are all yours friends booked? Never mind, at Urbana your neighbours could be your partner(s) to making your work outs enjoyable. Here are six ways how you can go about it:

1. Get social


Exercise flies by when it doesn’t feel like exercise. There are lots of creative group activities that are fun, social and promote fitness. Try starting up a group that builds social time around jogging in the park, cycling a nearby trail, or anything else physically active and fun

2. Make workout playlists


Save the silence for meditation classes in lawns/parks. Workouts are meant to be energetic! Create a perfect playlist (or let an app do it for you) and then pump the tunes to get better results and have more fun doing it.

3. Get creative

Get roller skates, hula-hoop, or even play football with your mates. Exercising in the great outdoors not only relieves more stress than indoor exercise, it also offers quite a view. Take in the surrounding scenery and people as a source of inspiration. Just 30 minutes per day is all you need to strengthen muscles and bones, prevent disease, and improve the quality of life.

4. Play along

What if exercise was actually a game that awarded points and access to new levels for hard work? Old-school workouts are way more fun than sanitized gym sessions. It can burn considerable calories per sweat session. Take a count!

5. Track your progress

The progress photo that will pay off well in the end. Go for it and do not delete any of them from your mobile phone. Initially, it may seem like you are not making any progress at all, but if you are putting in the time and the effort, go back and look at those photos, you will be pleasantly surprised. It may seem scary in the beginning but you will be so happy that you did it.

6. Being lenient to yourself

Buying a new outfit, grabbing a post-workout smoothie, or indulging on a massage can all act as rewards that make tough workouts more supportable and even fun. The key is to choose a reward that is really desirable and a bit perky so that it actually seems like a treat.

There is no magic time frame required for a good drill. Waiting for the clock to tell you when a workout is done can make the moment seemingly stand still. But then, if you are craving for all the above activities and looking for such a residential complex, Urbana is your true calling. To dig out more information about us, ring +919836760508 or visit


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